Free Initial Consultation

This is a phone call lasting 60-90 minutes where we:

  • Discuss any questions you have about me and my services, contractual agreements, scheduling options, and pricing.

  • Do a verbal intake covering you, your family, your situation, and your goals for coaching.

  • If I know of another resource that might be a better fit for you, I will share those options with you as well.

  • Design the coaching package that best fits your needs.

  • Schedule our first coaching session.


To schedule your free initial consultation, contact Mark Vatsaas using one of these options:

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You can read about me and my services here:


Remote Coaching

Basic Remote Coaching Package - $1000 for a basic eight-session package.

Remote coaching is best done by a video call, although a regular phone call will suffice if needed. Sessions consist of four 90-minute full sessions alternating with four 30-minute tune-up sessions. During the full sessions we will work towards a specific outcome of your choosing, completing with a set of action items to achieve work towards the desired outcome. In the tune-up sessions we will revisit the action items from your last full session and troubleshoot any problems that arise. I do not see incomplete action items as failure. I view them as more data to feed the process. Often, the awareness we gain from action items that are not successful provides the information we need to resolve a challenging obstacle. Remote coaching days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
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iN-Home Intensive Coaching

In-home intensive coaching - $1000/ 8 hour day + travel

A typical in-home intervention is 3 days, but the actual length varies depending on the needs of the client. To get the most benefit from your in-home intensive, I recommend regular follow-up remote sessions to support you as you transform your parenting. We will discuss your specific needs during our initial consultation, and design a package that fits your needs.
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